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Pilot Projects 2016

by Kariann Kakeh on 2016-01-07T00:00:00-05:00 | Comments

CDLC Proposed Pilot Projects (March 2016 Update)

Every five years, CDLC completes a Plan of Service which identifies, organizes, and provides an overview of what we do, placing emphasis on what we propose to accomplish and the intended results.

In preparing for CDLC’s 2016-2021 Plan of Service, CDLC presented proposed pilot projects in January 2016 to gather feedback defining CDLC’s priorities. These projects were identified based on results of a 2014 member survey, committee meetings, discussions with members and general industry trends. Based on the feedback we received (which was reviewed by a Plan of Service Committee), this is an update (March 2016) on the priorities.

The proposed pilot projects that garnered the most interest:

  • Digital Collections and Hidden Treasures: Explore working with libraries, museums and archives to create digital access to their collections, including cataloging their resources and making them available digitally. Promote this regionally and partner with economic development centers to showcase this region’s cultural attractions. UPDATE: There was a lot of interest in this initiative as a way to showcase regional collections not only in the library community but beyond. This could increase the visibility and bring recognition to the collections of regional library and cultural heritage organizations. CDLC will further pursue this pilot project.
  • Continuing Education Initiative: Expand continuing education and networking opportunities for CDLC members to reach more library staff and to keep staff current. This might encompass distance learning, conference scholarships, fellowships, etc.  UPDATE: The need for continuing education opportunities is ongoing. Although CDLC has traditionally presented offerings to our members, there is a need and demand for more. CDLC will investigate how to best use our resources to provide relevant and timely opportunities for our members, to be more systematic in our programming, and to build partnerships with members and outside organizations. 

There is a role for CDLC for these two initiatives, although not as originally proposed:

Although there was interest in these two initiatives, the committee recommended that CDLC’s role here was about creating awareness of existing services that CDLC members might participate in, versus CDLC developing these services themselves, which would require additional resources:

  • Coordinated Collection Development and Last Copy: Explore opportunities for libraries of all types to work together to investigate options for sharing physical items, including holding last copies of journal runs (and potentially monographs), avoiding redundancy across local library collections and investigating off-site storage options. This could encompass facility improvements, facility assessments and collection assessments. UPDATE: CDLC members may already be participating in initiatives of this type or do not have the need for such services. CDLC does not have the resources to support this. CDLC does have the mechanisms to make members aware of existing services.
  • Group Purchasing: Investigate further expanding consortial pricing for electronic databases and resources in our region. Work with negotiating with publishers; work with e-book providers. Look into costs of a shared publisher pilot program.UPDATE: CDLC members are already acquiring electronic resources from other sources. CDLC does not currently have the in-house resources to support this. CDLC does have the mechanisms to make members aware of existing opportunities.

The final proposed pilot projects are either already in process or require further thought:

  • Resource Sharing: Investigate the feasibility of patron-initiated ILL in CDLC’s region, including providing easy access for all patrons of CDLC member libraries across all libraries. This might also encompass review and recommendations for delivery services, CDLC’s direct access program, and exchange of electronic materials such as e-books. UPDATE: CDLC has a long history of resource sharing among member libraries. In addition to providing access to physical collections via delivery and the Direct Access Program, CDLC members use our ILL e-form to request items within our region and may call on CDLC for assistance with requests out of our region. CDLC will continue to evaluate, improve and re-think our resource sharing services, working with our Committee on Resource Sharing to provide seamless resource sharing activities for members.
  • Staffing Resources and Assistance: Investigate creating a clearinghouse of library expertise across CDLC’s region, which might include local user group meetings and forums, a database of local experts, and local networking and continuing education opportunities UPDATE: This initiative received mixed results, with some supporting a clearinghouse of local experts, while others wondering if it is needed or would be used. Although not a top priority for CDLC in the immediate future, we will come back to this proposed project to see if it has traction. CDLC will also continue to create opportunities for members to share experiences and ideas.

CDLC members may submit any feedback regarding these proposed projects or CDLC services (current or future) to Kathleen Gundrum, CDLC’s Executive Director. Thank you!

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