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New York Heritage at CDLC: Metadata

Tools and resources to help digitize library resources with a focus on adding material to New York Heritage

Recent Changes to Metadata Practices in New York Heritage

Some of these changes are not yet reflected in the Metadata Dictionary and Usage Guide. Stay tuned for Version 5 of the Guide coming soon. 

  • <br> tags to indicate hard returns are no longer supported. Please separate information with semi-colons.
  • Hidden Date field - No longer use "9999" for an unknown date. Information in this field shows up in the Date facet on the web site, and "9999" is confusing to users. Leave blank if unknown. Continue to put "unknown" in the Date of Original field. 
  • Time Period - We are no longer using this field. 
  • New York Heritage Topic - This field is no longer used at the item level. It is only used at the collection level. You can submit up to three New York Heritage Topics for each collection to the CDLC Digitization Manager. 
  • Digital Collection - This field is now required for upload of new items. All items should have this field properly filled out so they can be co-located with other items in the collection. 
  • Rights -  This field is required for items to upload. Text should be exactly as outlined in the Metadata Dictionary. Information about how to cite the material can now go in the Citation Information field. 
  • Copyright Expiration Date - This is an optional, hidden field. It can be used when you know the date the copyright will expire on an item. This will make it easier to find the items and change the Rights field when a new rights statement applies.

Metadata Dictionary and Usage Guide

This document includes guidelines and examples for all metadata fields, required and not, in New York Heritage. If you follow these directions, your items will be accessible and discoverable!

NYH Metadata Dictionary and Usage Guide (PDF)

Metadata Guide Appendix F for CDLC Participants

CDLC members use several different subject fields, as outlined in this Appendix. They are all mapped to Subject in Dublin Core. 

Appendix F for the NYH Metadata Dictionary


Metadata Worksheet Examples

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