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Resource Sharing: Copyright Issues

This guide describes the various ways CDLC facilitates resource sharing while providing an overview of interlibrary loan basics.

Copyright Issues

You are Sending an ILL eForm

  • Rule of 5 (when requesting articles that were published within the past 5 years)
    • Within a calendar year (Jan- Dec) you can not request more than 5 copies of any articles from a given journal title. If you request more than 5 articles you must pay the publisher for the journal article.
  • Although the material is being used in an educational setting, it doesn't mean Fair Use is an excuse to get and distribute free copies of an item.
    • Use this Checklist created by Cornell University to help determine if 'Fair Use' is applicable.
  • Patrons must be made aware of copyright.
    • Copies must prominently display the copyright warning. 

You are Filling an ILL eForm

  • You can not photocopy or scan more than half of a book unless it is in public domain/ out of copyright.
    • Most government documents are in the public domain.
  • When sending copies from a database/eJournal make sure it is within your contract to be able to do so.
  • Patrons must be made aware of copyright.
    • Copies must prominently display the copyright warning.
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