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Delivery: About

CDLC participates an number of delivery services to facilitate interlibrary loan materials to member libraries.

Getting Books from Here to There

Effective July 18, CDLC will no longer have courier services delivering to or from our office location.

The Upper Hudson Library System is now on ELD and can accept all ELD deliveries for UHLS, MVLS, and SALS libraries.

K-12 schools that are CDLC members should label courier returns that used to go to CDLC as UHLS/ILL for delivery.

CDLC will still fill ILL requests for its members, but will not be a delivery location or transfer station.

For more details, you can watch The Courier Meeting that took place on July 12 on the CDLC YouTube Channel. 

CDLC facilitates delivery of interlibrary loan materials to member libraries by connecting together a network of library courier systems in the 10 county region it covers. These courier systems reach local colleges, public libraries and K-12 School Library Systems. While this courier network helps to reach 450+ libraries contained in CDLC's region, it doesn't reach all of our members.
Please review the "CDLC members with NO Courier Service" tab to see who can not be reached by a courier service.  
***Please note that these delivery systems only run on business days.*** 

Lost and Damaged Materials

CDLC cannot accept claims for missing or damaged items. Items are not tracked by CDLC, that is the responsibility of the sending library. Any library utilizing CDLC's delivery network should should comply with the Interlibrary Loan Code of the United States, which holds that the borrowing library is responsible for the material from the time it leaves the lending library until it is returned to the lending library. If the book cannot be located, regardless of the cause, then the borrowing library should reimburse the lending library for the cost of the material. 

What to Send

What to send

  • Books
  • Periodicals
  • Newspapers
  • Microfilm/ fiche
  • Audio-visual materials*
    • video and audio cassettes
    • sound recordings
    • CDs
    • DVDs

*Due to the fragile nature of some Microfilm/ fiche & AV packaging, it is recommended that these materials be sent inside a hard non bendable container or wrapped in bubble wrap.

Two things to remember about delivery

1) Clear labeling of item's final destination

2) Time sensitive material should be mailed



Every delivery system uses different codes and some require very specific labeling. If you are using CDLC as go between multiple systems please send the item to CDLC as your courier specifies. Pleas remember to clearly label the items intended destination using the libraries full name and code.

Codes for the different types of libraries can be found on the correlating tabs.

(please use the tabs at the top for more information about the different courier systems)

How Long Will It Take

  • Depending on transfers and what courier systems the items is transported via times may vary
  • If you are loaning a book and it is time sensitive send it via mail
  • If you are returning a book most libraries don't care how long it takes, as long as they get it back.

List of Libraries That Receive Delivery

How to use this list

This list should be used as a reference. It is subject to change. 

  • If you do not see a library listed on this list it is because they do not participate in any delivery service. You should mail the items. 
  • This list displays the days of the week the library has regularly scheduled delivery pick up. 
  • This list displays all the libraries that are reachable via a Courier service that CDLC has connections to. 
  • Some libraries show no regularly listed delivery day.
    • Connections may still be made to these libraries; however they are not regularly scheduled. This may be true of many K-12 and private schools.
  • Please consider that if you are using CDLC to move from one courier system to another that extra time should be factored in as exchanges between systems are sometimes only once a week. This is especially important to consider when sending something to K-12 Schools.
    • Some K-12 Schools only have delivery one day a week, and may just be to the district office. When sending items to these schools it is more efficient to mail the items.
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