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Collection Development Committee

This guide provides information about the Collection Development Committee including the membership roster, general charges, past minutes, resources, and past events.

General Information

The Collection Development Committee is an Advisory Committee of the Capital District Library Council. Advisory committees are formed on behalf of specific programs administered by CDLC to enhance the operation of the Council and its programs and services.

Each advisory committee has a charge, approved by the Board, that addresses the committee's responsibilities, concerns, and composition of membership. Advisory committees may have a Board liaison who is a voting member of the committee, as well as a CDLC staff member liaison who is an ex-officio member of the committee.

The Collection Development Committee (CDC) is a Board-appointed advisory committee, and per CDLC’s bylaws, a Committee of the Corporation.


CDC advises the Capital District Library Council (CDLC), the Board, and members on specific aspects of CDLC programs and services relating to collection development. CDC supports the mission of CDLC by partnering with members to strengthen library service through education, shared collections, and local connections. The Committee will provide leadership, continuing education and outreach to all area libraries to foster a collaborative environment to enhance access to local collections.  CDC facilitates education, communication, and discussion of collection development initiatives, technologies, issues and concerns among member libraries as outlined in the CDLC Plan of Service.

A responsibility of the Committee is optimization of New York State Coordinated Collection Development Aid (CCDA).  CDC is charged with reviewing the CCDA recipient libraries for requests for changes in CCDA grant subject responsibilities and submitting changes and recommendations to the CDLC Board.


CDC is comprised of appointed members representing all sectors of library service. The Board may choose to appoint one member of the Board of Trustees to serve on the committee.

The Executive Director will appoint the balance of the committee membership, considering, among other things, relevant experience and expertise, and the constituency represented.

The appointed members shall include:

  • Up to four (4) representing member public library systems and/or libraries
  • Up to two (2) representing member school library systems and/or libraries
  • Up to eight (8) representing member academic institutions
  • Up to two (2) at large, who may represent any type of library

Liaisons and Ex officio Members

The Executive Director will appoint a CDLC staff liaison to provide support to the Chair and to the committee. The staff liaison will work with the Chair and the Executive Director to develop a meeting schedule and meeting agendas; keep a written record of meeting minutes; maintain the committee roster and alert the Chair of impending vacancies; and communicate any current or pending committee business to the Chair and the Executive Director.

The CDLC Board may choose to appoint a member of the Board of Trustees to serve on the committee. The Board liaison, if appointed, will report committee activities back to the Board and bring any committee requests or recommendations to the Board for discussion and approval. The Board liaison will bring any requests for committee-related business to the committee Chair.

The Board President, the Executive Director, the staff liaison and other CDLC staff are ex officio and non-voting members of the committee.


Committee terms are for three (3) years. No committee member shall serve for more than two complete terms, excluding interim appointments to fill a vacancy. Full terms begin on July 1 and end on June 30. Interim appointments made prior to December 31 will count for the full year. Appointments made from January 1 on will have the term count begin the following July 1. Any exceptions to term limits are at the discretion of the Executive Director.


The Chair will be elected by the committee prior to June 30 for a two-year term beginning July 1. The Chair shall serve no more than two consecutive terms.


As deemed necessary, the Chair may appoint subcommittees from among the membership of the committee, and from the library community at large, to handle specific tasks relating to the work of the committee.


Meetings will be held at least three (3) times annually with any additional meetings convened as collectively deemed necessary by the Chair, the staff liaison, and the Executive Director.

The Chair and CDLC staff liaison will produce and distribute an agenda, with consideration of any suggestions from committee members, prior to the day of the meeting. Unless otherwise notified, meetings will be held at the CDLC offices. Meetings are open. When deemed useful by the Chair, in consultation with the Executive Director, the staff liaison and/or the board liaison(s), the committee may conduct meetings by virtual means which allows all participants to see and hear each other at the same time. Participation by such means shall constitute presence in person at said meeting.  Meeting minutes will be taken.


If any committee member fails to attend three consecutive meetings without excuse accepted as satisfactory by the chair, (s) he shall be deemed to have resigned, and the vacancy will be filled.


A majority of the committee will constitute a quorum for conducting a meeting. Recommendations and action items must be approved by a majority of appointed members present.

Written Records

The meetings of CDC will have a written record consisting of the date, time, location, attendees, summaries of discussions and an enumeration of action items. The recorder for the meetings may be chosen on a regular or an ad hoc basis. The minutes will be distributed to the committee and posted to the CDLC web site after the committee has approved them, or after 30 days at the discretion of the board liaison.

Annually, no later than May 1, the Chair will submit a report to the board, via the board or staff liaison, summarizing the committee's activities and recommendations during the year.

Relationship to Board and Other Committees

CDC is an advisory committee to the board. The committee will submit recommendations, reports and requests for funding to the Executive Director, who will bring such requests to the Board. A committee report will be provided at Board meetings by the Board liaison, or by the Executive Director when the liaison is not present.

The Committee Chair will communicate with chairs of other Committees of the Corporation to keep each other informed of committee activity.


The Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend and/or clarify the committee charge.

  • Revised and approved by the Board of Trustees, 2/16/18
  • Revised and approved by CD Committee, 1/31/2018



Committee Members


Member Institution Term End Term 
Anderson, Stephanie Albany Public Library 2023 1
Davies, April SUNY Cobleskill 2023 2
Foster, Jim Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library 2024 1
Gmelch, Morgan Russell Sage College 2024 1
Koman, Cynthia Hudson Valley Community College 2024 1
Kosto, Kathryn Albany County Historical Association 2024 1
Matheron, Giovannine SUNY Schenectady County Community College 2023 1
Menetti, Christina Voorheesville Middle School 2024 1
Pause, Tracey, Chair Voorheesville Public Library (UHLS) 2024 1
Seaman, Priscilla University at Albany 2023 1
Vertone, Regina Russell Sage College 2022 1
Warner, Mary Ann Schenectady County Public Library 2023 2
Gersztoff, Annie (Board Liaison) Capital Region BOCES School Library System    
DeGaetano, Maria (ex-officio) Capital District Library Council    
Gundrum, Kathleen (ex-officio) Capital District Library Council    
Wakeman, Meghan (ex-officio) Capital District Library Council    


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