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CDLC ILL eForm Tutorials

How to use CDLC's new ILL eForm

Using the Lending side of the Addon

PLEASE NOTE: The process is not 100% automated but does speed up the process of importing an ILL eForm request.

  1. You will get an ILL eForm request in the email you have chosen to receive request at.
    • Note who its from and is it a loan or photocopy.
  2. In the 'ILLiad Client' find the requestor.
    • If they are not in your system you might need to create a new profile.
  3. Double check all the address and email information is correct in your system.
  4. In the bar at the top click on 'Add Request' button.
  5. Make sure request type matches the eForm request.
    • Is it a 'loan' or 'copy'
    • What is the 'Doc Type'
  6. Make sure 'System ID' is set to other 'OTH'.
  7. Click on 'CDLCeForm Email Import' tab on the top.
  8. Copy and Paste the entire ILL eForm email into ILLiad.
  9. Click on the green 'Import Email' button at the top.
  10. Double check that all information imported correctly. 
  11. Handle the request like any other ILLiad request
    • ​​ie. clicking on 'Route' or 'Save'  
  12. Make sure to Update Status of the ILL eForm request. 
    • If you do not update the status you will get a reminder email in 5 days & continue to get reminder emails until you update the status.
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