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Empire Library Delivery RFP

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Empire Library Delivery is a service provided by the Empire State Library Network, that provides delivery between member libraries in New York State. There are currently 135 locations receiving service through Empire Library Delivery out of 7 hubs across the state.

This guide serves as a means to communicate information on the Empire Library Delivery RFP process. All correspondence, including questions and answers, documents and updates will be shared on this site.


The Empire State Library Network (ESLN) is a non-profit organization comprised of nine multi-type library systems that improves library services and increases cooperation and resource sharing among libraries and library systems in New York. ESLN’s unique structure provides entre for libraries and archives of all types and sizes into a statewide platform for shared services and collaborations. Additional information is provided at

A key service that ESLN administers is Empire Library Delivery.

Empire Library Delivery (ELD) improves statewide delivery for libraries, making resource sharing connections among all types of libraries affordable and streamlined. ELD provides
return on investment for libraries by providing a convenient, affordable, and tailored delivery service to institutions, thereby supporting increased statewide resource sharing among ELD participants. By bundling shipments of library materials, ELD assists libraries in quickly getting items into the hands of users. Additional information provided at


January 7th:

ELD Request for Information (RFI):

RFI was sent to potential bidders on January 7th, 2019. Information can be found under the RFI tab. Responses will be due by February 1, 5pm.

February 11, 2019:

Thank you for your response to the ELD RFI. The RFP will be emailed and posted to this page on April 22, 2019. 

April 4, 2019:

Updated timeline. Added training guide to RFP documents.

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