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New York Heritage at CDLC: General Information

Tools and resources to help digitize library resources with a focus on adding material to New York Heritage
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CDLC serves a 10 county region in Upstate New York: Albany, Fulton, Hamilton, Montgomery, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Schoharie, Washington and Warren Counties. Institutions in our region that want to join New York Heritage must: 

  • Be a member of CDLC. 
  • Contact the CDLC Digital Project Manager, Susan D'Entremont, at or 518-438-2500 expressing interest in joining. 
  • Fill out a brief application, provided by the Digital Project Manager. The application asks for information on what the institution plans to digitize, who will do the work, and what kind of skills and equipment the institution already has. An institution does not need prior experience in this area to participate. The questions on the application help the institution think about the goals of their project and provides information to CDLC so we can best provide support. 
  • Sign an agreement that the institution agrees to several stipulations that are needed for success in the project, such as allowing the digital asset management software on a computer, participating in training, and uploading a minimal number of items to New York Heritage in the first few weeks following training. 


Institutions in other regions of New York State should contact their local council for information on how to join. Each region has slightly different requirements and procedures to best serve their region's needs. 

Benefits of joining New York Heritage

  • CDLC provides the digital asset management software.
  • CDLC provides and maintains the web site for your digitized material. 
  • CDLC provides training and support. 
  • Your institution is eligible for grants for digitizing material to add to New York Heritage.
  • Your digitized material is added to the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), if desired. 
  • Greater visibility of your material and institution. 
  • Improved access to your material, especially unique and fragile material. 

Responsibilities of joining New York Heritage

  • Choosing material to be digitized, with assistance from CDLC staff. 
  • Participating in New York Heritage training, which may be one-on-one or in a group setting, depending on needs. 
  • Digitizing material, either in-house or by a vendor. 
  • Creating metadata (catalog information) for digitized items, with training and assistance from CDLC staff. 
  • Providing CDLC with basic information about your institution and collections for the web site and so we can properly promote your collections. 

It is recommended that contributing institutions submit up to three "New York Heritage Topics" for each collection. The topics must be chosen from the list below. The topics are used as a browsing facet. For more information, see Part II of the Metadata Dictionary and Usage Guide.

  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Business & Industry
  • Community & Events
  • Daily Life
  • Education
  • Environment & Nature
  • Ethnic Groups
  • Geography & Maps
  • Government Law & Politics
  • Medicine, Science & Technology
  • Military & War
  • People
  • Philosophy & Religion
  • Recreation & Sports
  • Transportation
  • Work & Labor

Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)

Institutions that contribute to New York Heritage may add their material to the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) at no cost. They need to sign a permission letter and update any metadata that may be problematic for DPLA. Metadata updating will be minimal if your library follows the most recent version of the New York Heritage Metadata Dictionary and Usage Guide.

Visit the DPLA web site at

The site was recently redesigned and expanded. You can learn about the site and how to use it through DPLA's YouTube video, Introduction to the New DPLA Website and Prosite.

The site has several online exhibitions, including one created by our sister Council, Western New York Library Resources Council, on the Erie Canal. Material from several CDLC members are represented in the exhibition:  

  • Albany Institute of History and Art in "Commerce on the Canal: Farming and Agriculture" and "Legacy: Introduction"
  • Cifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library in "Canal Culture: Excursions"
  • miSci in "Building the Canal: Introduction"
  • Schenectady County Historical Society in "Building the Canal: Canal Labor" and "Commerce on the Canal: Canal-Driven Innovations"
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